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What is the Do Brave Society?





When you join this inspiring community...

  • You’ll discover you’re not alone and meet people like you who are doing brave and creating positive change in their life. You’ll never lack support.
  • You’ll find the guidance you need through expert perspectives, content, and thought-provoking conversations that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • You’ll learn how to stop and transform negative thinking, heal your triggers, master your emotions, and crush your fears with courage and perseverance.
  • You’ll learn to make better, empowering, confident decisions about the things that are most important to you.
  • You’ll discover who you are truly meant to be -- the REAL you underneath all those layers of the past!
  • You'll see dramatic, POSITIVE SHIFTS in:
    • Your self-esteem and self-confidence
    • Your relationships and your ability to communicate
    • Your thinking -- move away from worrying and silence that inner critic who always tells you you're not enough
    • Triggers and emotional roller coasters (learn to get control!)
    • C/PTSD symptoms -- These can be eliminated
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Your decision-making -- You'll learn to be confident and calm
    • Creating boundaries and stopping the people-pleasing cycles
    • Showing up in life as the REAL YOU, unapologetically
    • Motivation, creativity, and resilience
    • And so much more!


You may not realize what a gift you are, and how much your presence matters. Through sharing your stories, experiences, and ideas in a community of growth-minded people like yourself, you enrich the growth of others as well!

So as a thank you for your participation you can look forward to:

  • Do Brave stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and other swag
  • Shoutouts and recognition on social media or our weekly newsletter for doing BRAVE
  • Rewards for bringing others into the Do Brave Society


Last year, I launched a trauma healing program called the Brave Journey. I charged $3,000 for it, and it was worth it. The coaching alone that I offered my members was valued at $6,000, but most people just couldn’t afford the price tag.

It broke my heart because after learning about the Brave Journey, so many people were READY to have that transformation in their lives and overcome the past.

The program truly was life-changing, and the members who joined didn’t want it to end.

What Members Have Said:

A Brave Mom of 4 with Cerebral Palsy Who Was Told She Was Too Damaged to Be Helped:

A Brave Mom and Grandma Who Always Kept Her Story and Her Truth to Herself:

A Brave Woman Trapped In Anxiety and Depression Cycles for Years With Little Hope for Change:

But I didn’t want to just help a few; I wanted to help many. So I decided to transform the $3,000 Brave Journey program into an affordable, two-tiered membership that would be accessible to everyone.

I modified the material to make it digestible, absorbable, and non-overwhelming, and guys… there’s no end in sight. I’ve got your back for as long as you want to stay.

My vision has always been to create a courageous community where people could heal at their own pace, but not alone. We’re all on a similar path. We’re all on this journey together.


JUANIMA (aka "Nima") 

Hi there! I’m a holistic trauma coach living in Hillsboro, OR. I am passionate about educating people who are stuck and suffering from the weight of the past on the most powerful tools and techniques to rapidly heal trauma and create dynamic transformation in their lives. That’s why I worked hard to heal my own trauma and overcome Complex-PTSD to become a happy, confident woman who is enthusiastic about life and living. Today, I’m building the Do Brave Society to create a movement of courage to heal by connecting people like me to a community of support, inspiration, and education on how to heal themselves and create the life they truly desire.


Whether you want to ease into your healing journey or dive right in and get rapid results, we've got a place for you!


For You, if You Want to Ease Into the Process. You May Be New to Healing But are Looking For a Safe Place to Learn and Grow

  • 🎓 Monthly Lessons and Meditation Audios to Catapult Transformation
  • ❓ Weekly Thought-Provoking Challenges and Question Prompts to Expand Your Awareness and Help Create More Flexible Thinking
  • 👋 Inspiring, Like-Minded Community to Walk Beside You and Support You in Your Journey
  • 👩‍🏫 Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions to Get Help From Nima (and the Community) With Your Biggest Challenges (We're In This Together!!)


For You, if You Are FED UP with Life Not Working the Way You Want, and You're Ready to Dive in and Heal

All of the above benefits PLUS...

  • 🎓⭐ Free Access to Our Signature 6-Week Course "Brave to Change"(Value $400)
  • 🕰 Discount on Rewind Sessions to Eliminate Nightmares, Flashbacks, Fears, and Phobias (Value $100)
  • 🤝 Accountability Group to Build Habits and Help You Achieve Faster Transformation
  • 💲 Discounts & Early Access to All Future Courses and Challenges
  • 🔥 Exclusive Content, Podcasts, Workshops & Challenges to Support Rapid Transformation


I'm Giving the First 20 Members an Incredible Discount, And Then the Prices Will Increase!

The benefit of joining as a Founding Member is that the first content is generated around YOU, and what you currently need the most help with. This is your opportunity to get individual coaching and resolution for your toughest challenges.

I've got a line-up of AMAZING content planned already... But the Founding Members... The Pioneers of the Do Brave Society... Get dibs on what content is covered first! So come on in, Bravist!! I'm excited to meet you! 

💟 🦁💟


Due to Apple app requirements and lengthy approval process:

  • Do Brave Society Memberships are available for purchase in a web browser and Android app beforethey appear in the iOS app. Here's how to get the Do Brave Society app on your iOS phone:
    • Access this page from a web browser to purchase
    • Purchase your preferred plan and create your login
    • Go to the iOS App Store and download the Mighty Network App
    • Look up "Do Brave Society" and login with the credentials you established at the time of purchase
    • Voilá! You're in!!

I apologize for the extra work required. This is due to Apple's requirements. It is not a function of the Mighty Networks platform. If you have questions or difficulties, please reach out to me here.

Q. Am I locked into a commitment forever?

A. No! You are free to cancel your membership anytime. But please note that due to the initial free trial, no refunds will be given for the current monthly billing cycle you are in. When you cancel, it means that you will not accrue any future charges. If you want to ensure you are not charged, be sure to cancel before your next billing cycle begins. 👉 NOTE: If you purchase the annual plan, you will be refunded a prorated amount for the unused months.

Q. What Is a Group Coaching Session Like?

A. Each month in the Do Brave Society is focused on a different topic. Our group coaching sessions allow you to bring your personal questions and/or challenges you're facing in your life that are relevant to the topic, and receive 1:1 coaching with Nima to get answers and uncover your best solutions.

Q. Do I have to be on video in the Sessions?

A. No. Participants will be automatically muted upon entry of the coaching call, and being on video is not required. However, it's very appreciated as the energy of the group is much better when we can see each other! All Members are welcome - and encouraged - to join, as one Member's conversations will benefit everyone. We are growing and healing together!

Q. What if I can't make a Group Coaching Session?

A. All Sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch later at your convenience!

Q. Is this therapy?

A. NO. Nima uses solution-focused, Rapid Trauma Recovery coaching to quickly get to the root of the problem, discover whatever blocks are keeping you stuck, and then help you shift your perspective and break through the barrier. We do not dwell on the past or dissect the past, but we've assigned meaning and created BELIEFS about the past (and ourselves) that hinder our growth and healing. Those need to be identified so they can be transformed into new beliefs that serve you better and support your well-being. 

Nima's methods are about quickly helping you to heal and move FORWARD quickly so that you feel every day like you're making a little bit of progress. And the community is here to help as well, as we share our stories, our experiences, our fears, our ideas, and our breakthroughs, WE ALL HEAL TOGETHER!!! 

Q. Can I get the Do Brave Society on my phone?

A. YES!! However, because of Apple's restrictions and lengthy approval process, Do Brave Society is not currently available for purchase in the iOS App Store. It IS available to purchase from a web browser and Android. HOWEVER!! You can still access the Society on your iPhone by first joining the Do Brave Society from a web browser, and THEN downloading the Mighty Network app from your iOS. Then do a search for Do Brave Society, enter your login credentials, and you're in! 

Any Other Questions? Please Email Nima

We are so excited to see you on the inside!

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